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“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.''

                             ― Leonardo da Vinci

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Who we are

A letter from the CEO

Access to education, culture, and art is among basic human rights. We wish to build more of these opportunities into our society.  The Amadeus objective is simple: inspire, support and encourage music-making of the highest quality at the piano.


The Amadeus Music Festival offers an intensive program of master classes, public concerts and audience forums, featuring internationally celebrated pianists. It presents a perfect symbiosis of the new generation of pianists in search of inspiration and challenge and the world-class guest artists who provide that inspiration. Each Festival is a dynamic and inspiring event, which not only acts as a platform for some truly exciting and moving music, but also offers talks to put the music in context through a number of social events. By igniting a child’s passion for music, our Amadeus team will help youth aim for a better future.  It is so important to give back to the communities that guided us and provided us with cultural and intellectual nourishment. In this way, we are passing on the rich musical traditions and values which we encountered in our musical journeys. The concept of the pianist as musician lies at the heart of the Amadeus. The various roles of the pianist – as virtuoso, chamber musician, accompanist, conductor, academic and teacher – are all examined. 

We would like to express our gratitude to our supporters, donors and volunteers, without whom the Foundation would not be able to carry out its essential work. Your dedication and generosity make a significant difference in the lives of young people, helping them reach their full potential. We do hope that you will join us at future Amadeus International events, and, if possible, support the important work we do in resurrecting, discovering and commissioning the most glorious works by joining us as a Friend.  We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events and thank you for your continued support for a more inclusive and cohesive community.

It is our sincere hope that the Amadeus Music Festival will be a wonderful and powerful experience that enriches our upcoming young musicians. ​ 


Dr. Giorgi Latso                     Anna Fedorova-Latso 

Founder & CEO                     Artistic Director 

Amadeus International Foundation 

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